Blockchain Mining 2.0 Zero Cost Electricity
iM and iM+

iM Intelligent Mining (iM) provides a streamlined, fully verifiable and sustainably sourced marketplace for green digital assets mined using iM’s proprietary clean-tech mining solution.

iM token holders can be part of iM Intelligent Mining’s operation by providing liquidity and the ability to stake, earn, and acquire green digital assets.

The iM token can be staked to receive more iM or the iM+ token. Once staked, the tokens are locked for at least 72 hours and earn staking rewards daily. While an investor can simply purchase the iM token, the only way to accumulate iM+ tokens is to stake iM. All verifiable green digital assets mined by Intelligent Mining are only available by swapping iM+. The more iM+ a token holder has, the more green coins they are able to swap for.

Currently, the iM token can be staked via the Intelligent Mining DApp, with an APR of 12%. Additionally, the same iM token can be staked at an APR of 100% for iM+ token.


Each time a green coin is mined, iM distributes it into the four token distribution addresses based on the Token Distribution Model below. Then, iM token holders have the option to provide liquidity using the staking DApp, or using the staking Dex. Click on the link below to learn more.


The Stakenomics for iM is simple by design. We believe this ensures maximum efficiency and accessibility to even the most casual investor. Both the iM token yielding 12% APR, and the iM+ token yielding 100% APR deploy rewards daily. These returns are offered as an incentive to assist in the decentralized securitiation of Intelligent Mining. To learn more click on the iM Stakenomics button below.

Smart Power for Crypto
Data and processing ability are the fossil fuels of the future. The most important limiting factor on processing ability is the availability of cheap electricity. The leaders of the future will be those with access to the least expensive electrical power.
Welcome to the Future of Blockchain


Our mining hardware gathers energy all day and releases it at night while specialized cooling systems further reduce environmental impact


By investing in the mining infrastructure itself, users mitigate the risks associated with the blockchain industry and profit faster


Our mining hardware is secured with state-of-the-art technology as well as additional safeguards designed to protect your investment
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2016 - 2020
Developing iM’s signature miner and protocol
Garnered partnerships with Solar Companies
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Q1/Q2 - 2021
Development of DApp v1
Updated Roadmap
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Q3 - 2021
Token Distribution
DEX Listings (ERC)
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Q4 - 2021
Staking and Farming v1 enabled on iM dApp
iM+ launch
DEX Listings (BSC)
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Q1 - 2022
First iM Bitcoin Mining Farm in Operation
CEX Listing
Introduction to NFT Farming
iM mobile app
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Q2 -2022
Introduce iM Bitcoin Lottery Miner
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Q3 - 2022
Second iM Bitcoin Mining Farm in Operation
Our System

After years of engineering research, Intelligent Mining is revolutionizing the future of the blockchain with a green mining method that’s effective, efficient, and secure. Our decentralized facility is run by renewable energy so our infrastructure is more powerful and our miners are more profitable – while protecting the environment and people we love.

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